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 General Rules.

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General Rules. Empty
PostSubject: General Rules.   General Rules. EmptySat May 15, 2010 1:26 pm

I'm one for freedom of speech, but don't abuse it.

Ways to abuse it...
Swearing - 5 Warning (Varies)
OK, so we do have some censors, but we cannot get EVERY bad word in the dictionary. If you want to add a new bad word, tell an admin VIA PM. Do not post in in the forums.

Spam of any kind= 5 warning.
It's hard to tell what spam is, some cases it is, the mods will tell you if your post is spam.

Smiley or One Word Posting= 5 warning.
This is pretty self-explanatory. Do not just make a one word post (Two word posts are OK). Smileys are also just barely words. At least TRY to participate.

Post Robot= 5 warning (For each instance).
If you post every 2 minutes, that's not really good. It's easy to tell who is a post robot, they have more posts than some mods.

Double posting= 5 warning.
Posting one post after another. OK, it's OK to double post but only AFTER 1 week has past. Also, an additional points will be made for each additional post.
(1st: 5)
(2nd: 10)
(3rd: 15)
(4th: 25)
(5th: 40)
(6th: 65)
(7th: 99)
Any additional Double posts will result in a 1 day ban.

Flamebaiting= 5 warning.
The word "Flamebait" means: Words thrown into a post only to draw an angry emotional response from someone else. For instance:

"I get what you are saying, but you need to understand that I think..."

"Forget him, what you need to do is..."

Posting Images That ARE TOO HUGE!= 10 warning.
This is the standard size an image should be:
General Rules. 2eusacp
If the image is too big, use a spolier.

All Caps= 10 warning.
Posting in ALL CAPS is not really needed. Just talk normal, most of your post can be Caps, but atleast make one that isn't caps.

Anything rickroll= 10 warning.
Rickrolling means posting a false link to somewhere. Try to be honest.

Advertising without an admin's approval= 15 warning.
I don't care if you advertise, it's just that I would like to know if you do. Also, if you tell me, I might add the advertisement to our affiliates.

Starting useless topics OUTSIDE SPAM= 15 warning.
The reason we have a spam topic is that if you think your topic is useless, post it there. If we think it has a point, we may move it.

Participating in a flame war= 15 warning (Each page).
Flame wars are not really needed here. Try to be nice, for each page you participate in, that means 15 warning. I know how easy it is to get caught in a flame war. That's why the warning is so low.

Starting a flame war= 20 warning.
Participating in a flame war is one thing, actually starting one is another.

Bumping= 30 warning.
You have 1 month to "Revive" a topic, after that, you cannot bump without a good reason. If you want, tell a mod and we may bump it for you.

Back-seat modding = 50 warning.
Asking a mod to do something and telling a mod to do something is something else.

Asking a mod:
"Hey, that member double posted, shouldn't we give him warning?".

Telling a mod:
"Hey, that member double posted, GIVE HIM WARNING!".

See the difference?

Mass PMing for unban from the chatbox= 70 warning.
If you are banned, you need to only tell a mod once, if the message is not answered in maybe 3 days, then you send another one.

Making topics insulting mods or admins for being banned on the chatbox= 90 warning.
Don't insult a member, especially a mod, remember we're only doing our job.

Discrimination= 95 warning.
Being racist, sexist, or agist is not really needed here.

Showing pictures or websites containing nudity or derogatory terms = 95 warning.
The age group of people who come here varies, this site is rated PG, try to keep it this way.

Showing, explaining or posting a link containing illegal content = 99 warning.
Don't do anything illegal, do you really need us to say that?

Alternate account = (Varies).
Some instances, it's OK to have an alternate account. That does not mean make one. If we find out, we will delete until only one account is left.

Hacking the forums = IP ban.
Don't hack, please.
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General Rules.
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