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 My Broskis.

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My Broskis. Empty
PostMy Broskis.

To All My friends:

Remember this poem:
Nothing Gold Can Stay
Nature's first green is gold
Her hardest hue to hold.
Her early leaf's a flower;
But only so an hour.
Then leaf subsides to leaf.
So Eden sank to grief,
So dawn goes down to day.
Nothing gold can stay.
~Robert Frost

I want all of you to try to stay gold... for me.

You are all great the way you are, you may need to change a little bit, but for the most part, you are all great. Either change for the best or don't change at all, OK?

What I Would Like To Say About Everyone Of My Friends...
You can never really appreciate things until they're gone. I realize that now. That's why I'm going to start to be more appreciative of everything around me. I've written about all of you. This is what your friendship means to me. Some of you have longer or shorter messages than others, but words are just words. These messages just scratch the surface of how I feel about you, about all of you. You are my Broskis (Best Friends).

Qwerty, you have always been a somewhat a good friend, you and I had differences, but regardless of all the warnings you gave me I still considered you a friend, and I'm glad you still considered me one too. For the rest of my life I won't forget how you became a pedo-bear and made all those funny jokes. Do me a favor, NEVER EVER STOP DREAMING! Your Pokemon game is great, finish it. I will never forgive you if you don't. You have a good amount of people here to help you with it, there is no reason why you shouldn't, OK? Sorry I've been annoying you recently. That's one reason why I left Qwertyland, I don't want to annoy you in your own forum.

Hey, remember when we met? The people I was with raided your XAT. I could have joined, but no. I realized that you were just a regular human being and tried to befriend you. Ever since then, we've talked, but not that much. Yeah, your message starts out the same as Kieran's. You two were the perfect couple. I'm sorry it didn't work out. Hopefully, you've find somebody who loves you as much as he did, but that will take years. Remember what you lost Alice, you didn't just lose a friend.

Annabelle is the first cousin that I ever met. She's grown from being a baby who cries a lot. She's starting to become more talented. She can sing, dance, and act. I'll never forget the time she convinced my mother she fainted. I can't let go thinking she's nothing more than my baby cousin. One day, I can't call her my baby cousin anymore. She'll be more than just that. The future is something nobody can always see. I think Annabelle has a bright future.

AZN Pride
I regret not being able to say this in person, well dude, I hope you stay Asian, I myself am part Asian, heck I'm a bunch of things. Be proud of yourself and that sister you have. Achieve whatever you dream.

Bea's a friend I barely know. Still, I consider her a friend. I wish I could make this longer, she deserves a longer friend message than this.

Brooke, you're a great friend. Who cares if you didn't have a good start in life. Don't worry, it's only going to get better from here on out. Trust me, you will have a brighter future. You just have to have faith. Good luck with life, well, you really won't need much luck. I see great things ahead of you.

Hey, it's Cait! Somebody needs a hug... Well, all I have to say is that our friendship may not have started out very well, but you're starting to become a great friend. It's hard to know to know what the future tells, but just like most of the people on this list, our friendship will grow. Sorry this is cheesy, but hey, it's hard to say what's on your mind. Now, give me a hug. (Not really).

Cav, you really were one of my true friends. All I have to say is: Those forums you have, keep it alive. Don't let it die. You have a lot of talent, you are a good writer. That diary of a Cav thing was brilliant, it was one of the greatest pieces of modern literature I ever read. You have what it takes to be a good writer. I swear, you do. I will never forget how, even though it only had 2 entries, it always made me laugh. You have been one funny dude Cav,. PS: I've also made ZeroZone have a blog section. It'd help if you put Diary of a CAV There.

Listen to me. I am always trying to contact you, but you don't seem to answer. Why did you get those stupid powers? The ones that block Private Messages AND Private Chats. You only need one darn it. It's because of those that I don't get to speak to you much. Well, that's OK. I hope we can talk to each other more.

Chef Okasaki
I won't forget that one time you called me annoying. I may never know who you are, but whoever you are, good luck with that Kirby game, alright?

You again were one of the people I regret not being able to hang out with a lot, sorry dude. Dude, you are a hilarious character ever since you've joined.

Corka Cola
Corka, you need to do me a favor. NEVER EVER LET BLITZ DIE! That place is gold... GOLD! Don't let it die, keep it alive, regardless of what happens. I don't care what happens, Blitz needs to live, it's full of a variety of people. I promise that I will help you keep it alive for as long as I can. Corka, you are the genius behind Blitz, don't let anyone ever tell you that you didn't do anything, you managed to build this place and that's more than most of the people in this world have, are, and may ever do in this world. Corka, take care of everyone here. Make sure no troll, problem, or anything else can ever hurt them.

Dark Lord
Dark Lord, good luck with that site of yours, I really regret not being able to hang out with you. Don't worry, you will achieve whatever you dream. You have the mind, the drive, and best of all the friends to help you.

Darth Revan
Revan, remember when I found you on EF? I said hi and the first thing you said to me was, "Leave me alone". I could have joined the others and flamed you right there, but I invited you to G-zone. Ever since then, I've watched you grow into what you are now. You've always been like a little brother to me, an annoying, weird, and homosexual brther. Please, become a better spriter, animator, and most importantly over-all person. Don't let the others, especially Zono make you mad. Fight back! Also, you may want to work on your grammar, but don't change that unbreakable spirit of yours.

Dox, I have to admit, you have always been a good friend. I'll how you fit into this world. You are so different than everyone else around you, but you fit in better than most people. You may have heard this before, but try to be happy, please, when somebody complements you, smile, don't deny it. You really are beautiful, don't listen to what others say. I will admit, I see you as a good friend. I've tried long and hard to make you happy. I will never stop trying to make you laugh... I'm serious. You're one of the only people who understands me. You're really intelligent, funny, brave, nice, and your strongest attribute: Understanding. That's all I look for in a person. I'm glad I have a friend like you Dox. I'm glad I have somebody who cares about me so much. be more optimistic, for me. It saddens me when you get angry for no reason. It makes me worry about you Dox. I'll never forget what you said to me before you left. That will stay with me my whole life. I'll remember you as one of the only people who believed in me when everyone else didn't think I could achieve. You were one of my first friend on the internet. I will never forget that. I'll never forget how we met either. I remember that was the first time I was able to make you laugh. It's getting rarer and harder for you to laugh. I wonder why that is? Either way, I consider you a great friend, and even though we don't talk that much, I will always remember some of our most memorable conversations. Dox, don't forget me, I won't forget you. Remember that no matter what happens, I'm going to be OK. Sorry the others and I don't tell you what's going on, but that's mostly because we don't want to hurt you in the long run. Just understand why we don't tell you. It's because we care about you. Stay happy Lauren.

Ellie, you've been nice and thank you for inviting me to be your friend. Sorry I couldn't make this longer, it's just that I haven't known you for very long.

Some people may know him as the infamous PCtricks. Emanuel is the only friend who's willing to take my beatings without complaining. He's actually stronger than most people give him credit for. You'd think he's nothing but a whimp, but a true friend would see him as an actual person. He doesn't act like an inhuman, but he acts like a regular person. I don't know him much.

Fries, you are a great artist, I mean it. Strive to become a professional spriter or a professional comedian. Yeah, you are funny, and sometimes, you don't even try. If I had half of your comedic styling, I swear, I could have my own talk show by now.

Gian Carlos, it sounds like some Mexican dude. Well, Gian is not Mexican. I don't know what he is. Gian is a good brother. He looks after his brother Nathan. Gian, he's a good kid. He may be annoying at some times, but he makes up for it by being a good friend. I'm sorry I don't know him more.

So, how's the Sasuke impersonator doing? Well, to tell you the truth, you're one of the only people I know who's helped me with some big problems. Hopefully, we'll talk more in the future, until then, good luck with whatever.

Yeah, OK, I don't have much to write. I don't know a lot about you, but I hope we get to talk more. You seem to be a nice person at heart. We haven't talked much, that's OK. Maybe we'll be able to talk more in the future. Odd, I consider you a friend, but we barely talk, but we're nice to each other, but I don't even know your favorite color.

Well, now we come to the dancing superstar. Hey, it's true, you are a great dancer. I expect you to become somewhere from a famous dancer to a Broadway dancer. Either way, I hope you achieve your dream. We haven't talked much, but you really know how to keep a conversation alive, just like 90% of everyone here. In dancing, you don't stop, even if you reach the sky.

I've heard you've given up on Anime, that's just sad. Never give up on something you love. I haven't seen you in a while. That's so sad. I can't say much about you, but I will always treasure you as a friend.

Well, she criticizes me, she beats me, and she yells a lot. How do I consider you a friend? Friendship's a funny thing. People will consider you a friend when you don't consider them one. It's hard to write more, since I don't know about you that much. What I do know is that you're strong. I don't mean strong physically, I mean strong mentally. That would be your best strength.

So, how's the Photoshop prodigy doing? I've never forget what a girl like you can do in photoshop. Your works are amazing and they'll be in my head for the rest of my life. Still, you are a good friend, and I hope we can talk more.

Ken, you have always been a good friend. I'm sorry Boo wasn't the girl for you. You will one day find that girl of your dreams. I swear, you will one day find a girl who will love you with all her heart, I hope you realize it before it's too late. When you like a girl, do not wait for an opportunity go for it. (Read the poem I left you). Don't worry, keep looking for that girl, someday she's come into your life when you least expect it.

Hey, remember when we met? The people I was with raided your XAT. I could have joined, but no. I realized that you were just a regular human being and tried to befriend you. Ever since then, we've talked, but not that much. Yeah, your message starts out the same as Alice's. You two were a great couple. It's sad you two went your separate ways. One day, you'll meet somebody who loves you like she did, but don't expect that day to come soon. You didn't just lose a friend when you broke up with her.

Well, I think we're lost. It seems we've found a Canadian. Wait... this isn't Canada... Anyway, this Canadian's name is Samantha, but many of us just call her Kiki. From being the admin of Expansions to being a good friend, she's very well rounded. From spriting, to being able to keep a conversation going, to whatever, she's done a lot in her 18 years. She has a lot of friends, EVERYONE wants to be her friend. Now, I'm forgetting to say something... Oh right, Good luck having your own life, that special someone could be days away!

What can I say? Lito, stay lito. Sorry things haven't been working out for you, but you have to remember: If there is a giant shadow, there is a greater light creating it. Look for that light Lito, it's not too far away. It's closer than you think.

Sorry we haven't talked that much, but hey, you're still a friend to me. Hopefully, we get to talk much in the future, until then, do whatever it is you do.

Listen here Lucas, I'm about to tell you something that will shock you. The entire world does not hate Jews. Sure, there are some people that do in this world, and a lot of people have hated Jews in the past, but most of them are dead. Yes, there are no real Nazi's in this world anymore. Stop saying that the world hates you. If it did, would you have 1/2 the friends you do now? Stop, OK, just stop. Stop thinking about how people hate you. That sir is not true.
Other than that you're a great friend. Infact, you wee one of the first friends I had on EW. Thanks.

So, it's been a while. Still, I won't forget you. You've been a good friend ever since I started out at Expansions. Don't worry. One day, we'll talk again.

Dude, if you are reading this, I would be so surprised. Anyway, you are a trouble-making child, but also my friend. Hopefully, we get to talk more in the future. All I can say is that we haven't talked much, but I consider you a friend just the same.

Marianna May
Yes, I consider the smart, kind, and friendly May a friend. You say you hate me, throw things at me, and threaten to kill me. Most people have to be married to suffer this kind of abuse... If you did hate me, why bother talking to me? Why bother helping me? Even if you don't consider me a friend, I consider you one. That won't change anytime soon. I wish we could talk more like in the old days, but... well, you tell me. You may be reading this and be really angry. I guess I can't please everyone. Hopefully, I'll be the only person you may ever hate from here on out. That way nobody has to go through what I've been through.

Marianne Valerie
Yes, I consider you a friend. You pick on me, call me names, and prank me, but you're still on of the closest things to a friend I have. Surprising, isn't it? Hey, all I can say is that you're a heck of a good guitar player. You also dream of meeting Justin Bieber. I can't say that won't happen. I can't say you can't do anything. Keep dreaming Val. People continue to get nothing but smiles and heart from you. Meanwhile, I'm... yeah. Hey, look a firetruck!

What can I say? Marvel good luck with life. Enjoy it while it lasts. You are one of the most amazing people I know. Marvel comics weren't really my thing, but if someone as awesome as you likes it, I guess I can learn to like it, too.

UNICORNS!? ...Alright, we haven't really talked much, but yeah. You're still a friend to me. I'll continue to watch your Youtube videos, as long as you continue to post them. Some of them are funny, like when you rapped... do yourself, me, and everyone on Earth a favor... NEVER RAP AGAIN! Still, comedy is your greatest strength use it wisely. What can I say, you're funny and a good friend.

Nine, I thought of you as my opposite. Whenever I gave an idea, you were the first to deny it, but I know realize why you thought so. Things like this, what's happening to me now, makes you realize stuff. Don't be a sad stick in the mud, enjoy life and those guys at that site, forget about them. You will never find better friend than the people here. Good luck with the modship, don't waste your talent.

You can call her Natalie Jean, but her friends call her NJ. NJ is my cousin. She's energetic, kind, and full of heart. I can't say much about her, mostly because we don't talk much. She's quiet. That's all I can say.

Odel is my cousin, excluding me, he's the oldest person of OUR generation we know. That means if something happens to me, he's next in line to be leader. That's exactly what he is. He's more than just my cousin, he's my second in command, the person I depend on when things go bad, and a friend. Sure, he Pawns me in some games, and I pawn him in some, but we're almost equal. Odel is already starting to surpass me, and that means one day he's going to be better than me. I won't give up the leadership so soon. You're going to have to earn it if you want it. Give the world everything you're got Odel.

I never thought a kid so young could ever do what you did. You have done so much, that I find it so hard to believe that you are 9. You showed me that age doesn't matter, it makes me wonder if you'll one day be the youngest person to do something remarkable. I've thought of you as a little brother, who out-showed me in everything. You are the future of this world. One day soon, you will become an admin along with PM, 5qwerty, and Corka because Blitz has gotten so huge. I hope you never stop achieving. NEVER STOP ACHIEVING! Global Mod.

You were one of the only people in the world to ever beat me in Territory Wars... I won't forget that, and I won't forget that you owe me a rematch.

HI PHR! Really PHR, you put the PHR in hyper. What can I expect from a person like you. What can I say, this picture can summarize you in more ways that my simple words can. PHR, you are awesome, don't let anyone tell you other wise. It's great having such a hyper friend. It keeps me in a good mood and helps prevent boredom. I'm going to call you HIPHR when you start acting hyper... HIPHR.

Primal Moron
PM, This may seem a little redundant , but remember when I met you at the EF for the first time? I told you that Dude banned me and you pitied me. That was probably one of the nicest things that anyone at that time has ever done for me. Thanks for sticking up for me. I've always seen you as the older brother I never had. You are a great artist and do not let anyone ever tell you otherwise. You have a lot of ideas in that head of you and I want you to share those ideas. You helped me along the way multiple times, I owe much of what has happened to me to you. Thank you. You are a great admin, to the point where even Corka himself will ask you for advice. You are not Corka's subordinate, you are his equal. You will both, along with 5qwerty, will shape the very future of Blitz, for the best, or the worst.

Rex, you were always a good person to talk to. I hope I don't forget you. Good luck with whatever you do. You have always been like a little brother to me. You are an annoying person, but you're never annoyed me. You've done nothing but make me laugh ever since I met you. Rex, you, like most of the people on this list, are a genius, do not waste it. You don't need to scam people anymore, but if that's what you want to do, I can't stop you. I'd suggest trying to find a better thing to do in life, but everyone who knows you knows that once you've got your mind set on something, there is no stopping you. Anyway, dude, I'm starting to see less and less of you, I fear the end of our friendship is near.

Hey, Seastar. We haven't talked much, but from what I can tell when we do talk is that you're a goodhearted person. Hopefully, we get to talk more in the future. Until then, good luck with life.

Dude, you are the creator of G-zone and if you are reading this, please remember that you can do a lot. Don't always be so depressed. One day, you will be able to shape your own destiny. I hope that whatever road you choose, we'll see each other again. You were one of my friend friends on the internet. I hope I never forget you, and you never forget me.

Shadow, I hope you will come on more often. You are the person who made most of Blitz. You may not think you're important, but tell that to 99% of Blitz. The other 1% of Blitz thinks you don't belong. It thinks nobody will miss you if you leave. Let me tell you who's in that 1%: You.

Sis, you've been a great friend to me ever since I started at EW. We have never fought among ourselves, and you're one of the only people on this list I haven't argued with. It's nice to have a friend like you.

Hey Star, it's been a pleasure, for the most part, meeting you. So, we haven't talked much, but whenever we do, we always have an awkward convo. Weird but true. I'll never forget how you would cuss out whoever gets you mad. You are the one called Sailor Star.

The only person I know that is funny but serious. Hey, the guy's awesome, I can't really describe him. That's the reason why this message is so short.

Haha, well, what can I say. You haven't been yourself recently. You've been lying, scamming, and even being mean to not only me, but all your other friends. Listen, I tell you this because I care. A true friend only wants the best for a friend. Hopefully, you and I can become friends again sometime soon. Oh well. I hope things only get better from here on out, Blondie.

Super Sonic
The genius of G-zone. If it wasn't for you, G-zone would have died when I left. I had a bet G-zone would die once I left, but you prooved me wrong. I'm so glad to have known a friend like you. Please, keep G-zone alive, keep posting those videos, keep helping everyone around you. I'm counting on you to keep both Connor (Shadow) and Wildiscolimbs in line. Good luck, Brit.

Tarra, sorry, I can't make this longer, but I haven't know you for that long. Still, you are still a friend to me, and I guess that's all that matters.

This is my Childhood friend who usually goes under the name "Naru". This person is nothing special... Razz I'm joking, she's REALLY special. If she's not playing the piano, she's playing the guitar. If she's not writing a new song, she's singing one. If she's not studying, she's enjoying life. From being in the track team to being the 3rd place in grades. She's done it all. What else can she accomplish? I have no idea. Just wait a week, she's GOING to do something impressive in that time frame. No seriously, if you go down to the Youtube Channels, look for her Youtube. You'll see that her channel is full of original songs SHE wrote. Like seriously, can anyone here say "Prodigy"? That's what she is. I don't think "Prodigy" is even a word to describe her. She's done so much in so little. She gets better grades than me, she is definitely a better guitar player, what the heck, she even has a lot of guys who like her. I don't understand how some people can hate her. Maybe, they're just jealous. Whatever the reason, she's still just a great friend. She doesn't sink or swim, she F-ing flies. Just try to find a flaw in her, I bet I could come up with 10 times more good things about her than you can come up with flaws. Heck, I think if we get a bunch of her friends together, we as a group can come up with 100 times more good things about her than you can come up with bad things about her. Yes, she's that good. As stated above I look for intelligence, humor, courage, kindness, and understanding. Yup, she's one of the only people I know who has all 5. She's probably reading this, and no doubt she's thinking, "No I don't I know a lot of people who are smarter, funnier, braver, kinder, and more understanding than I am". What is it with the most talented people on Earth? Some of them are either too arrogant or too modest. Why can't they accept that they have a talent without being a jerk? That's right Therese, if you're reading this, then you better start thinking yourself as a higher person. Then again, don't go over the top, try to be human. guess I have to admit, everything I am and everything I have I have to thank you for it. That's a lie you say? Well, I'm about to tell you the truth... I wouldn't have my Yu-gi-oh Card collection if you hadn't introduced me to Tab. I never would have met Ursula, just read her message to know what she told me. Therese, I never would have even started guitar, I only started guitar to beat you in the musical arts. I wouldn't have been pushed to do my best if I didn't compare myself to you. Therese, if it wasn't for your pep-talks about God, I may be an atheist today. I would have been a spoiled, selfish, and VERY lonely jerk, that's just how I was before I met you, but you showed me how to be a friend. I wouldn't be the nice person I am because I didn't have many friends in America until I met you. Infact, when my parents asked me if I wanted to go back to my old school in the 2nd grade, I refused. I kept telling myself it was because I wanted a better education, that I don't want to switch schools again, and or that I want to stay religious and be in a Catholic school to praise God. I guess I was just trying to cover up the real reason. I didn't want to leave the friends I had made, most importantly, I didn't want to leave you. Thanks to you and everyone else being the reason I didn't leave, I was able to share these lovely memories with all of you. I wish I could turn back time and tell my past self so many things before it was too late. I would tell my future self to not loose the friend I had back then, but most importantly to talk to you as often as I am now. Wait, do you have the longest message here? ... I think you do, maybe it's because I've known you long. Maybe it's because it's hard not to talk about such a talented girl. Maybe it's because I'm tankful for what you're thought me. That or maybe it's just because you're no doubt my best friend.

Toku, you should probably know why I don't insult you. You remind me of my little brother. I'm not even joking. You are just like my brother. You like bionicles, everyone hates his ideas, and everything else. I could never insult somebody trying to fit in, that's something that nobody else should ever do. Toku, that site you have, try to get new members on it. I'm sure some of the people here will help you, since most of them also know what it is like to be insulted for being you.

Tommy, all I can say is that you are the master of Youtube. You're going to become a great stick fighter one day. If you keep believing, you will become what you've always wanted to become. Please, keep being yourself, don't change. Regardless of how many times you loose, you shouldn't give up. Remember, some people fall only to get up again. Who would do such a time? Jesus did when he came down from heaven to Earth.

Respect points is OVER 9000! What can I say? We have the same taste in music and I won't forget that day LVL9, you, and I stayed up until almost 7:00 AM listening to music.

Tre, all I can say is that you may have banned me almost daily, but it doesn't matter. That was the past and the past is the past. You're still a good person.

Hello Turt, I didn't think you'd be reading this... stalker. Either way, good luck and good day. Sorry I couldn't make this longer, but I haven't know you for that long.

Hmm... Ursula... that name usually give people the wrong impression. Still, it's the opposite of what you think. Ursula has filled the real life role of a big sister for me. She's helped me along the way, and because of her, I'm the person I am today. She may be reading this thinking how she helped me, trust me, she's clueless right now. You'd think a scholar would be anything BUT clueless. Razz oh well, unfortunately, I can't say much because I haven't seen her in a while. What I can tell you is that, thanks to her, I was able to find out about Youtube. Sure, I may have found out about Youtube by myself, but Ursula was the person who convinced me to join. So, maybe even if I did find out about Youtube, I may not have joined it. She also convinced me to get a Gamecube, an SP. Also, it's because of Ursula that I found out about the game Super Smash Melee. It's because of her that I became the gamer I am today. Even if I had found out about those things on my own, it was probably better that I found out about those things sooner. If I didn't find out about Super Smash Melee, I may not have played Super Smash Brawl. If I didn't find out about Super Smash Brawl, I may not have found out about Super Smash Flash. If I didn't find out about Super Smash Flash, I may not have found Blitz. Ursula has given me a lot to thank her for. Still, she was my SECOND official friend here in America. There is no doubt about that.

Hey, Val, we haven't been friends for long. We don't even talk much, but whenever we do, you are always so nice. Sorry we couldn't hang out as much as we could have. Either way, I hope you're happy when we're not talking.

So, yeah, you're a friend to me. It's nice having a friend who's as nice as you. I've known you for a while, the question is: Have you even noticed me until recently?

At this point, I'm getting tired making long messages. Wild, you are a great friend. Sorry, that's all.


Hey, so what's new? I won't forget how funny you were back in the good old days. Zach, you have got to come online more. You are a hilarious and very friendly person. That's a good combination. We're going to talk more now that you've come back. You were one of the first people I talked to when I was at EW.

I've said a lot of things above about people being like a little brother to me. This kid, really IS my real brother. I'm not scared of this kid ever getting hurt, I'm not scared of this kid going down the wrong way, and I'm not even worried he's going to forget me one day. One thing I AM scared of is that he's going to surpass me one day. He's got a good heart and the drive to do anything. Go change the world bro.

Yes, I consider you a friend. Whether or not you consider me one remains to be seen. Either way, I hope you try to start to become a better person. I know you can be good if you want to.

It's Zyla's turn. What can I say about my TRUE sister? Hmm... she... can't sing, she... cries a lot, she... gets very envious. Wow, it's harder to say bad things about her than I thought. Now, let's try good things... She's a good piano player for her years in training, she's a good ice skater considering she thought me how to skate backwards, she's friendly, she's WAY more mature than I am, and she has a lot of heart. It took me less than 10 seconds to come up with the good things, 25 seconds to come up with the bad things. The funny part is she was right here when I was typing this. Good job, sis.

Why I Did This...
You don't know a good thing until it's gone. Friends AND family are the best thing that can happen to you. You don't know what you have until it's gone. You don't know how much time you have left with them. All I can say is stop being so ignorant and enjoy the time you have left with them. No doubt I may loose everyone on this list one day, but I won't forget their friendship. I won't forget the time I had with them. Through the trials, Through the hate, and the pain. I will be strong no matter who I loose. That's because nobody really dies, if you have a good enough memory of them, they'll live on in your mind, if you've spent enough time with them, they'll live on in your spirit, if you love them enough, they'll live on in your heart.

Yeah, if you're not on this list, then yes, I've completely forgotten about you. Just tell me and I'll add you to the list.

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My Broskis. :: Comments

Jade, Toryn, and Paul Added.

Summer and Zach's messages increased.
Therese's Message Added.
Kiki's message added.
Annabell, Bea, Emanual, Gian, Katheryn, Kathleen, Maranne May, Maranne Valerie, NJ, Odel, Ursula, Zakari, and Zyla's friend message added.

70 Friends all in all.
Staypuff Added!
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Re: My Broskis.
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My Broskis.

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